How to backup your KWGT widgets

We will see How to backup your KWGT widgets? Any people who have used KWGT widgets have surely spent a lot time on creating widgets they love. Let’s agree we all have searched for the perfect widget and then we were still not satisfied with it and then we started customizing it. Many of the people have created their widget from ground up

So I used above Vanilla KWGT widget to create this widget but then I spent a lot of time to customize it further for example changing directions of arrow, added colour changing battery widget, added weather.

So how to backup your KWGT widget?

  1. So open KWGT widget and Navigate to Backups

2. From the backups open the widget you want to backup and click on hamburger Image as shown below in pic.

3. Now Click on Export Preset

4. Once you have clicked on export you will see yourwidget.kwgt file in your Kustom folder. You can copy that file to your drive or dropbox in case if something happens to your phone.

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