Case in shell scripting.

We use IF LOOP all time, but when it comes to multiple conditions IF Loop gets complicated as you have to write multiple times. CASE saves going through whole if…then…else statements.

echo -n "Enter the Country name "
read Country

echo -n "Captial of $Country is "

case $Country in
        India )
       echo -n "Delhi"
       echo ""

    Argentina )
     echo -n "Buenos Aires"
      echo ""

    Brazil )
     echo -n "Brasília"
      echo ""

    * )
     echo -n "unknown"


So, if you enter the country name which is mentioned it will give desired output and if it’s not present It will show unknown as mentioned in script.

[root@server ~]# ./
Enter the Country name India
Captial of India is Delhi

[root@server ~]# ./
Enter the Country name Argentina
Captial of Argentina is Buenos Aires

[root@server ~]# ./
Enter the Country name USA
Captial of USA is unknown
[root@server ~]#

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